Im leaving on a jet plane.. don’t know when I’ll be back again!

Guys, the time has come- its my last full day in Nelson with my family before I take a few days to head up to Auckland to fly out. I cant believe its come around so quickly.

I am a shocker for making a decision before I even really think it through or have any real plan and then just let everything fall into place. So naturally I have a plane ticket, a little bit of moolah and a month long Contiki booked to avoid figuring things out like a job and some where to live. All I have been hearing for the last few weeks from customer and workmates alike is ” oh gosh you’re so brave, how can you do that with no real plan of making money etc” but in my head its never really crossed my mind that its brave. I have always known that I wanted to see every part of the world – I think part of this was having a travel agent for a mother.  Living in New Zealand makes this a bit tricky and not to mention horrifically expensive so it was always on the cards to move somewhere like London to make exploring a lot easier. To me there is nothing better than finding a new town or cafe to explore or somewhere new to sit to watch the sun go down. We can learn so much from people we meet and places that we travel too so much more than any university paper can teach us.

Enough of me blahhing on about my life – I have put together some tips for other Kiwi’s or anyone for that matter thats looking to make the move to the UK.

  • Make sure your CV is ready to go when you arrive and that you have a set of reference and their phone numbers to give when applying for jobs
  • If you’re going on the two year youth mobility visa be realistic with the packing – you don’t need to take a whole lot of undies and socks because they take up too much room and they are so cheap to buy when you get there and don’t take clothes you “might wear one day” because lets be real you wont.
  • Don’t mess up your visa application because trying to talk to immigration in the UK is hopeless and expensive. I am an idiot and got the dates wrong by a day and trying to figure out what to do cost me £5.48 for email correspondence where I am still not 100% sure I am not going to be detained on arrival.
  • Make sure you have that first night accomodation sorted if nothing else. There is nothing worse than getting off of a long-haul flight and having to think about where to stay.
  • Get in touch with people that you know or know of in London- this includes friends of friends because its so nice to have a familiar accent and people always love to show off the city that they live in. This is how you find the best coffee shops too.
  • If you can get a sim card before you arrive or even at the airport this will be super helpful for getting you where you need to go when you arrive- download the London citymapper app because it will give you the best route to take to wherever you need to go whether its on foot or public transport.

I hope that these tips give you a wee head start as you take the leap of faith into this new adventure and I will be sure to update with any more tips I think of along the way.

So as much as I am slightly nervous and sad to say goodbye to my family for the next few years the excitement of the unknown pumps through my blood and I just cant wait to get out there to explore all there is to explore.


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