So I better introduce myself…

So it seems like everyone in this day and age is a so-called blogger and I guess you’re going to be wondering what makes me different right? To be honest I am wondering the exact same thing which doesn’t exactly stand us in good stead but it makes it all a lot more fun.

I started this whole CastawayKiwi concept because I always seem to find my brain throwing my body into all sorts of interesting travel expeditions which always lead to the most fascinating spots being found and experiences being had. Hence, here I am a kiwi girl who can stop herself from casting her self away to all sides of the planet.

I am also mildly obsessed with food. No, I take that back… I meant to say I am wildly obsessed with food. So not only will you get to see little snippets of where I have been but what I have been scoffing my face with as well – lucky you huh!

So settle in folks – whether your off on your own adventure and are wanting some tips, suffering from wanderlust or just wanting to see where you can spend your hard earned pay check on a superb Sunday brunch – its going to be a bumpy ride.


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